February 19: Vaishu's Birthday

February 20: Relay System test
February 21: Syafiq's Birthday
February 23: Samuel's Birthday, E Maths Test
February 24: Social Studies Test
February 25: Core Geography Test
February 26: A Maths Test
March 22: Chinese Band 1 Oral Test
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We are class 4E2 of 2010 from Yusof Ishak Secondary School :)

36 students
Form Teacher: Mr Lee Yue Heng
Chairman: Samuel Chua
Vice-Chairman: Vivian Neo
Secretary: Edna Chew
Treasurer: Ng Xin Ying
Manager: Vaishu
IT Hero: Teresa

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Ministry of Education, Singapore
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board
The Straits Times
The Yusoffian Historian
Yusof Ishak Secondary School


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